Sejla Djakovac

During my research for the best VIP Flight Attendant courses I came across Dietmar’s profile. After reading all the positive reviews I have decided to enroll myself for the one in November 2017 in Geneva. Dietmars professionalism, eloquence and ability to share his knowledge really impressed me. Not only is the course interesting and very detail orientated but I got also to meet many new people who have similar interests to me. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in private aviation and expending their knowledge about the customer service excellence.

Former Etihad commercial flight attendant from Serbia who works now as a VIP cabin crew on private jets in Dubai, Sejla Djakovac, November 2018 Sejla Djakovac

From commercial to VIP cabin crew started in 2017 as Training Solutions celebrated 10 years VIP flight attendant training & recruitment.