Tânia Fachada

After 4 years in commercial aviation as a cabin crew in the Middle East, I was looking into transitioning to private aviation. When I received Dietmar’s notification for an opportunity in Central Europe, I knew it was the chance I was looking for. Throughout the whole private jet cabin crew recruitment process, Dietmar was absolutely supportive and attentive, always seeking to provide the best advice. He was always in touch and very present, following up at every step of the process, which was very transparent and clear. He gave me the confidence to pursue the position and we were indeed successful! I feel very thankful for the opportunity given and the support received. In such a challenging professional context, it is not often we feel this encouraged and reassured. If you are considering transitioning to VIP aviation and to work as a corporate flight attendant, I cannot recommend Dietmar Duller’s services enough. His recognized VIP flight attendant training courses and dedication to the job are definitely differentiating factors, that will set you up for success in the industry! Thank you, Dietmar.

Ex- Emirates Economy & Business Class flight attendant with 4 years Middle East experience who transitioned successfully to private jet cabin crew, Portugal- Germany, December 2019 Tânia Fachada

From commercial to VIP cabin crew started in 2017 as Training Solutions celebrated 10 years VIP flight attendant training & recruitment.