VIP flight attendant recruitment

Being on one of the largest VIP flight attendant databases clearly helps in finding the right people for my international clients and it makes me very proud to say that our success rate is 95%. Since 2013, over 40 VIP flight attendant job offers have been posted on our website and most clients require more than one VIP cabin crew at some time. Helping flight attendants to get good and stable jobs in the business aviation industry has always been a passion of mine, says Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Swiss based VIP flight attendant training and recruitment specialist Training Solutions. From the beginning it has been our aim to find good jobs for good and passionate VIP flight attendants and we are succeed in doing so from year to year. All of our business aviation clients are well known companies or private owners and many of them are personally known by Dietmar Duller as he has over 20 business aviation companies as clients.