16 Private jet cabin crew jobs offer’s in 2019 - new record!

16 Private jet cabin crew jobs offer’s in 2019 – new record!

Swiss based Training Solutions, Europe’s only VIP flight attendant training and recruitment company

made a new record in 2019 by offering 16 VIP cabin crew job offers to flight attendant members on its database. Being based in Switzerland, where more business aviation companies than anywhere else in Europe are being based is a clear advantage for us. Our network and especially our training participants benefit from our long lasting business aviation relationships, build up over years, with chief flight attendants who represent theses business aviation companies, as well as pilots, chief pilots and human resource managers who are also often involved in the recruitment process.

While most of our VIP cabin crew job offers in 2019 have been for leading private jet operators who are based in Switzerland and who operate corporate jets worldwide, we also successfully recruited suitable crew in other locations. A private jet cabin crew manager for an operation in Dubai, cabin crew for different private jet operators in the Middle East, Asian flight attendants who needed to be based in Hong Kong, as well as for a private operation in Nigeria. Challenges drive us and when we succeed in bringing the right people together, we know that all of our hard work has again paid off and we are proud to help flight attendants to work in the business aviation industry.