250th Corporate flight attendant training by Training Solutions

250th Corporate flight attendant training by Training Solutions

Conducting the 250th corporate flight attendant training in customer service excellence is another of the many milestones that we have achieved since 2007. Being the only person in Europe who has personally conducted 250 private jet cabin crew training courses as an independent company is also something very special, says Dietmar Duller.

The beauty of it is that I also learn on every training course, as we have private jet operators ranging from Kazakhstan to Luxembourg and from the United Arab Emirates to Central Africa. It is the diversity of both the clients and their private jet aircraft, which makes this job always evolving as we do have many clients who operate across a range of several different types of corporate jets. Conducting a training course on a Challenger 604 is very different than being on an Airbus 320 in VIP configuration.

The knowledge which we have acquired in conducting these 250 training courses, for existing and future private jet cabin crew, clearly helps all of our training participants with whom we share our wealth of knowledge, as well as our guidance and support once the training courses are over. It is a very exciting industry and the many milestones which we have achieved since 2007 will be followed by many more in the years to come.