4-Day online VIP cabin crew training

4-Day online VIP cabin crew training

Due to popular demand by our online VIP cabin crew training participants and based on their feedback at the end of the three-day course, as of 2021 Training Solutions will now also offer four -day online VIP cabin crew training courses.

This will allow some additional topics to be offered, covering contemporary private jet cabin presentations including welcome tables and guidelines following the principle of “less is more”, as well as creating a customer focused environment: Middle Eastern clients and their cultural differences, culinary preferences and all of their considerations.

This is followed by an introduction to wines, wine tasting as well as and introduction to Champagne, white Burgundy and red Bordeaux wines and the importance of the effect that altitude has on wines. All of the additions that we offer on the 4th day will clearly help our training participants and we excited to offer them to our future clients.