70th Online Training - Flight Attendant Training

70th Online VIP flight attendant training by Training Solutions

Many companies have been changed by Covid-19, and we were also impacted by it. During Covid-19, all educational institutions, from universities to primary schools and specialized adult education companies in Switzerland and world-wide, went online as their businesses and work had to continue. After less than 4 years, Training Solutions has already conducted it 70th VIP flight attendant training online, which proves the success we had so far. Online training courses have a different structure than in person training courses, but once you start, it’s great fun, educational and you can deliver the message the same way. Before we started our online training courses for future and existing corporate flight attendants, we spend a lot of time making sure everything worked well.

This extra work and effort has paid off because people keep saying good things about our online courses. Our online corporate flight attendant training courses are available for individuals on a monthly basis, and since 2023, we have been offering many one-to-one training courses for two or three days. These courses are available at any time, and our clients appreciate this fact. We have also done online courses for business aviation companies and their existing private jet cabin crew already.

Dietmar Duller, the founder and course leader of Training Solutions conducts every training course, and courses are offered seven days a week. Since we started, we have welcomed participants from all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and even from the United States of America and Australia. We know that many more online courses will follow because of our flexibility and high level of education.