February - Flight Attendant Training

Private jet cabin crew recruitment continues to succeed

When we started in 2010 to recruit private jet cabin crew, we were asked by a business aviation client if we could help as they knew that we had many connections and therefore a large network of existing and future private jet cabin crew. Since then our recruitment of private jet flight attendants has expanded to clients all over the Middle East, who often have very large Airbus and Boeing private jets, plus clients from all over Europe and Eastern Europe, and African and even Asian clients.

Being familiar with the specifics that corporate aviation companies want when they hire corporate flight attendants and providing total discretion is clearly one of the pillars of our success. Since 2010, our network has also consistently grown and that enables us find private jet cabin crew even if the clients are very specific in their requirements. Succeeding in recruiting private jet cabin in one thing, but we are also very proud of being able to help flight attendants to reach their goal and to succeed in their application.