New website - Flight Attendant Training

Private jet cabin crew training and recruitment since 2007- new website is online

Our new website went online and it makes me proud and happy to have a new look and a fantastic website which features all of our news articles, private jet cabin crew job offers, business aviation clients, recommendation letters, training information and our Ambassadors. All the pages of our extensive website have been proofread numerous times.

Countless choices had to be made, as you can’t just copy and paste a website from a template to another. We had to switch to WordPress because this is the standard for website templates for the time being. As we aim to be always up to date with all of our services, we are sure that our clients will appreciate the easy usability of our website. This has always been an important part for us. A team of three , with two webmasters and myself, have been working very hard on it for more than six month, and on the end of the day, it is the final result which counts. We have achieved everything we wanted to do thanks to the great job of our two webmasters.