April23 - Flight Attendant Training

Private jet catering guidelines

Whenever I run a training course, one major question that always comes up is catering for private jets, as it is a very important aspect contributing to the success of every flight, regardless of the destination. This particularly applies to future private jet cabin crew as it is not something they have ever had to deal with. But, regardless of future or existing cabin crew participation, we always put private jet catering at the top of our agenda. We have, over many years, dedicated a lot of time on  the training courses to explain all the possible scenarios in detail.

This includes us providing many examples where we provide suggestions and constructive feedback, as well as lots of tips and tricks of the industry. We also mention the differences they an experience in different locations with regards to prices using real case scenarios which will challenge them- just as they will be challenged in reality. Having clients from all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia makes it easy for us to give them the best possible guidelines and when we see how their confidence has grown we are happy as we know we achieved our goal.