Silver service cabin crew training

It is absolutely fantastic to conduct a tailor-made VIP flight attendant training course in customer service excellence onboard a VIP configured Airbus. As they are learning in their own working environment, private jet flight attendants who are working on the aircraft are able to use their normal linen, plates, cutlery, glasses and all other equipment. Gourmet style food presentations, contemporary plate presentations techniques and decoration tips were also part of the VIP flight attendant training course using their main catering supplier, on-board microwave and ovens. Role plays for different real case scenarios and challenging situations from the past and how to handle them were practiced and the principle of learning by doing was followed. Also requested were simple and stylish decoration ideas for the cabin and bathroom and creating a timeless elegance following the principle of “less is more” which is where my extensive experience clearly helps. Tailor-made VIP cabin crew courses are intensive, with many new ideas and solutions provided and consequently the learning outcome was high.