VIP cabin crew recruitment- professional recruitment since 2007

Professional recruitment since 2007

Long term business relationships are the result of my success in finding VIP flight attendants for clients from Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Africa and  Asia.

Clients clearly benefit from one of the largest databases of VIP flight attendants, which enables me to find the most suitable person private jet cabin crew. Most of the time the most suitable person is found very quickly, but it can also be a long process as the personality of the owner and the cabin crew need to match. Job offers from clients are being forwarded via my network within an hour and often the first applicantions are passed on to the client within days.

For discretion reasons, we never mention business aviation clients until they show interest and contact the applicants. Recruiting cabin crew for private jets is also very rewarding as you are helping professionals to get a better jobs; I’ve received many “thank you” e-mails as a sign of appreciation, says Dietmar Duller.