VIP cabin crew training – hotel and travel security

VIP flight attendants are used to travelling to remote destinations around the world, as business jets are able to reach many airports which cannot be used by commercial aircrafts.

Flight attendants working on private jets also often travel to destinations which they are not familiar with and therefore it is invaluable for them to know some proven guidelines on hotel and travel security which should be observed at all times. The security of VIP flight attendants starts at the hotel lobby when they check in and continues when they enter their hotel room and check the room thoroughly.

The emergency exits are next to be checked, as their location should be known in case emergency arises.  When not in the room, it is recommended to leave the TV switched on and to set the volume at a higher level as it gives everybody around it the impression that somebody is the room. Valuables, watches, jewellery, and large amounts of money should always be kept in the safe in order to deny thieves any opportunity.

Whenever out of the hotel, it is recommended to keep a low profile, to use common sense and to respect the culture of the country you are in.