VIP flight attendant – Curriculum Vitae writing guidelines

towards getting a job as a VIP flight attendant onboard a private jet.
The human resource departments or chief flight attendants who receive the applicants’ CV’s are experienced in distinguishing between a good CV and a poor CV, and will quickly form an opinion based on the information given. It is therefore of utmost importance to have a clear structure, cover all personal information, provide a list of your experiences and employers, including the types of aircrafts you have experience on working on, and briefly describe your previous job responsibilities.

Language skills, computer knowledge and personal hobbies should also be mentioned as they can say a lot about the applicant. As the future employers must ensure that any staff portray a good image of their company, you also need to provide professional head and full body photographs to show that you have the correct corporate image to work on a private or business jet.

A CV should also not be too long and two to three pages are recommended. Writing a professional CV is a service which Training Solutions offers to all training participants who wish to become a VIP flight attendant, and it is this professionalism that has helped many potential flight attendants to enter this industry. Our experience in recruiting for our business aviation clients gives us great insight into what the client is looking for in a VIP flight attendant and ensures that your CV is of the highest possible standard.