VIP flight attendant training in Paris – Le Bourget Airport

Le Bourget, one of the oldest  -and busiest business aviation airports in Europe was the location where Training Solutions conducted its VIP flight attendant training Nr. 139 for an undisclosed business aviation company.

Amongst the many training topics were: food safety for VIP flight attendants, the importance of attention to detail, serving caviar and other luxury food items as well as gourmet food tasting of Foie Gras, Brie with truffles and Jamon cerrano bellota. Also covered in the course were: matching wine to food and all special considerations when serving food in the air onboard a private jet. As business aviation clients often drink expensive beverages, a tasting of Champagne, white Burgundy wine and red Bordeaux was also included.

The two day in-house VIP flight attendant training was based on learning through doing, as this is the best way to apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills.