VIP flight attendant training- one-to-one

attendant training courses since 2009 which are a very well- received as they can be conducted on very short notice in Switzerland or at worldwide locations.

Benefits of one-to-one VIP flight attendant training courses in customer service excellence are that participants have  full attention, they contribute more, feel more involved, their strength and weaknesses are addressed more continuously and fully without the competition of other participants, and there are less time constraints so they can proceed at their own pace.

One-to-one VIP flight attendant training courses last from two to four days and clients can choose the training duration. The personality of the VIP flight attendant is often the most important issue to owners of business aviation aircraft and the skills which are required to be a good flight attendant can be learned.

Training topics can also be repeated to ensure that all required knowledge and skills are gained. To gain self confidence is one of the most important qualities in the beginning of a career as a flight attendant and we have always succeeded.