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Covid-19: VIP Flight Attendant Training trends and new SOP’s


Covid-19 has clearly a strong impact on VIP flight attendant training courses as it has changed many of the standard operating procedures that were common before. Handshakes from the cockpit and cabin crew are no longer practiced when welcoming the private jet traveller and cabins also have to be disinfected. Universal precaution kits (UPK) which include face masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitisers, disinfectants for surface cleaning, a gown with a long sleeve and a bag to dispose of these and other items are now standard equipment on many business jets.

Thermometers are available and mobile phones and tablets are now sterilised. Catering companies have established new guidelines with business aviation companies and standard operating procedures have been reviewed and adjusted. Crew members are being checked on a regular basis, face masks for VIP flight attendants and gloves are worn and the service has been adapted. Training Solutions takes all of these changes very seriously and our VIP flight attendant training courses in Geneva, which run successfully since 2007, have implemented all the new business aviation training standards.

Courses are limited to 4 participants accordingly to Swiss law until further notice and face masks, gloves and hand sanitisers are provided. All of Training Solutions VIP flight attendant training courses take place in an environment which is very large in order to ensure that every participant has enough space at all times. We look forward to welcome many flight attendants to our future training courses and to provide them with the confidence, knowledge, skills and tools for the changed business aviation reality.