Commercial cabin crew who worked in China for some years in business class, Nikki Mulder from The Netherlands. October 2020

In my opinion, Mr. Duller’s training course will be educational for really everyone. I participated in the course because I want to transfer from commercial flight attendant to corporate and I had no idea of the tasks involved in business aviation. During the training I’ve learned a lot and so many topics were covered, including the changes in the industry due to Covid-19. The training is hands on, so you get to practice things such as table settings and there is enough chance for you to ask questions and discuss things. Mr. Duller is a very professional, reliable and kind gentleman from whom you can tell has a lot of experience and really knows what he is doing and teaches. Also after the training Mr. Duller has stayed available via e-mail and phone calls to discuss my CV and give me helpful feedback. The training course has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to become a corporate flight attendant or as a fresh up.

Nikki Mulder