Desislava Kurteva, Flight Attendant, Bulgaria, February 2013

I just had the great chance to participate in the corporate flight attendant training of Dietmar Duller. Dietmar is very professional and his huge knowledge has helped me to feel that there is no difficult situation if you have attended his class. All new things I’ve learnt thanks to him make me feel now that I am completely ready to work as a corporate flight attendant in business aviation; I am now prepared to face all challenges that might come my way. During the class you don’t even feel the time passing and the way Dietmar provides his knowledge is so much at your ease that you remember everything at the same time! Another very good thing is that you practise a lot during the course and this makes it even easier to understand things better. In my opinion Dietmar’s training is a must for all flight attendants who love their job and wants to bring their skills to a very high level. I would not think twice if I had a second opportunity to attend another training course with Dietmar! He inspired me and gave me the confidence that I needed! Thank you Dietmar for being there! 

Desislava Kurteva