Ex- Business/ First Class Cabin Crew who worked in the United Arab Emirates, Romania, August 2017

This was one of the best training courses I have ever attended. The venue, materials and facilitation were excellent, especially the luxury foods and beverage items that we have been introduced to. Learning by doing: I enjoyed the practical sessions where we have been shown that every table setting has a logic and also the role play which prepared us for unexpected situations. The other participants were amazing and I learned a lot from their experience through sharing our stories. Dietmar Duller always took our answers seriously, never dismissed them as wrong, emphasized good answers, and provided useful examples. He works with the whole person –mentally and emotionally. The training can be challenging as we discussed actual examples and we got an honest feedback, but warm and interesting in the same time. Dietmar Duller is very professional and enthusiastic and his knowledge is, without a doubt, more than suitable for the aviation industry and in particular, he knows the private aviation industry extremely well. I recommend this training to all cabin crew interested in seeing the real private jet setting. The subjects are relevant, focusing on the essential way of looking at private aviation sector. I gained confidence and I had the feeling that I already stepped inside a business jet cabin. I only had a vague knowledge of this sector before, now I have a clear idea thanks to the realistic and beautiful presentation. The time flew by! Everything felt so natural and logical and I cleared out questions that were impossible to answer before.

Andreea Margarit