Senior cabin crew instructor, Irina Udrea, Romania, November 2017

I would like to share my experience on the recent VIP Silver Service Training which took part in Geneva, it was a very well organized training with a great structure, lots of information and most of all a wonderful atmosphere, I shared the classroom with several other ladies with aviation backgrounds, some completely new to VIP training such as myself, some others experienced, and we’ve all shared examples, and learned a lot from each other. But most importantly was your ability to really help us feel welcomed, I found myself already imagining being inside the aircraft serving high class customers during practical parts and I can honestly say that I gained a lot of confidence during this two-day course. After all, I’ve learned from the best and I’m convinced that it will become as a great asset for my upcoming VIP Flight Attendant experience. I strongly recommend it to all future VIP candidates or existing ones looking to significantly improve their current skills. Thank you very much for all your assistance and support and wishing you smooth and pleasant training courses ahead.

Irina Udrea