Faith Hans- Corporate Flight Attendant, South Africa, May 2011

Dietmar Duller’s corporate flight attendant training in customer service excellence imparts comprehensive knowledge that is easy to access, concentrating on protocol and in-flight executive dining procedures. He gave me the tools to provide exquisite personal service comfortably on a family trip or with foreign dignitaries on board for important business meetings without ever being intrusive. The training, combined with the Allison Price’s culinary training, enables me to feel confident that when I step on a plane I am going to deliver an unmatched level of service. It offered me so much more than I could have imagined. The training is very hands on and it has also really helped me to feel involved, allowing me to see where I could do things better and at what level I was. It is fun and easy to understand, which I think was especially good for me being new to the corporate aviation industry. Thank you again to Dietmar Duller for all of the hard work and dedication that he has put into this training program. Sharing the knowledge that I gained from Training Solutions with my colleagues has greatly raised the bar of expectations.

Faith Hans