First and Business Class Flight Attendant Qatar Airways, Julia Dudek- Switzerland- Poland, August 2020

I attended the VIP Flight Attendant Course led by Mr. Dietmar Duller in Geneva, and I can definitely recommend it. After being a flight attendant for commercial airlines, I had many questions about my transition process and the differences between commercial and corporate aviation, and Mr. Duller was the person who cleared all of them up. The whole training covered the business aviation know-how, latest trends including Covid-19 and how it impacts the private jet industry in all aspects, regulations, service and communication. There was always a space for attendees to ask questions, and the course was held in very professional and respectful manner. The handouts prepared by Mr. Duller and given to each attendee during the course are a real repository of knowledge for all VIP Flight Attendants. What was also very important for me, was Mr. Duller offering his time and advices even after the course – I believe his engagement and support will be of great help especially for those who wish to transfer from commercial to corporate aviation. With all his knowledge, compassion, and professionalism, Mr. Duller definitely gives the best support and is a real mentor for aspiring VIP Flight Attendants.

Julia Dudek