Former Cabin Crew who has worked for many years in the Middle East- Abigail Villa Camacho, January 2019, Spain

I am very happy to have met Mr. Duller because thanks to him, I now have a much better understanding of the meaning of working as a VIP cabin attendant on private jets. I have gained a lot more confidence and industry specific knowledge, that will help me. I know the steps, I have to follow to become a VIP flight attendant. Mr. Duller also helps you during in the whole process and helps you to make your Curriculum Vitae perfect before applying to business aviation companies and he, also follows up with you to see how things are going. The two-day VIP flight attendant training course in Geneva has been very educational and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this course to flight attendants who want to move from the commercial aviation industry to work as VIP cabin crew on private jets.

Abigail Villa Camacho