Former Virgin Atlantik Cabin Crew from the United Kingdom, August 2018, Claire Cousins

After flying commercially for almost ten years I decided that I wanted to step up into the corporate aviation world which can be quite daunting as many recruiters and companies won’t take you on without experience. A friend of mine had participated in Dietmar’s course and she couldn’t recommend him enough, not only for the course content but also because Dietmar is highly respected within the industry. I thought that if I am going to do this, then I am going to do it properly. It was an excellent introduction into corporate flying, covering topics such as in-flight silver service techniques, private jet specific table settings, business catering guidelines and menu planning, luxury food items, implications of meals and drinks at high altitudes, special dietary requirements and religions on board. In flight food safety & HACCP, corporate identity, FA philosophy and attitude, protocol – Head of States and Royals, eye for detail, private jet specific SOP’s, client profiles, exceeding customer expectations and latest corporate trends. Many aspects are those that we would have never have experienced as commercial crew and is a lot more to think about than I anticipated, therefore I believe that this is the best possible introduction you could give yourself if you want to learn new skills or build on existing knowledge. He crammed a lot of content into two days whilst keeping it interesting with many practical tasks. We had many experienced corporate FA’s in our class and all were impressed with his extensive knowledge and attention to detail. Dietmar is friendly, approachable and very patient. He also provided us with a book of all the course content so that we can refer to it when needed. He also spent a lot of time assisting me with my CV and I can’t thank him enough for his help and continued, ongoing support.

Virgin Atlantik