Irena Brolisa, VIP Hostess on a Private Jet, Latvia, October 2014

 This year, in October 2014, I had an opportunity to participate in a two day VIP cabin crew service training course in Geneva. I would like to mention the convenient hotel location, as it was easy to find it. Mr. Dietmar Duller, who conducted the course, provided information in advance via e-mail and phone about the course program and its exact location. An important detail is that right from the beginning of the course, there was a possibility to communicate with Mr. Duller in case an unpredicted situation came up, and an immediate solution was needed. At all times it was affirmed that the course was conducted by a real professional. The relaxed atmosphere, engaging materials and positive environment promoted experience exchange. Throughout the course, it was possible to comprehend what else needs to be mastered, also, what the skills are that are both required and most valued in the job market. I most certainly recommend this course to my colleagues. I want to thank Mr. Duller for all his attention and shared experience!

Irena Brolisa