Jose M. Rosado, Commercial & VIP cabin attendant, Portugal- London, July 2018

I am so happy and grateful now that I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and insight, in a short period of time having met Mr. Dietmar Duller. I was thrilled to have taken part recently in the Silver Service | VIP Flight Attendant course with Dietmar in Geneva. Training Solutions will surely make a huge impact on your performance. If your aim is to become the best VIP Flight Attendant you can be, this exceptional course will offer you a wealth of information and practical solutions, covering several, functional aspects of your daily duties. Dietmar is a lovely gentleman and extremely professional and he made the course very interesting and engageable. In two days I have learned things that I didn’t even know before. I highly recommend Training Solutions VIP cabin crew training course to anybody wanting to improve their performance in the VIP flight attendant and private aviation field.

Jose M. Rosado