In-flight Service Personal who works on private jets, KRISTINA SLAUTA, Russia, May 2016

In my career I had attended several training courses in hospitality and aviation however, I can strongly recommend anyone to attend 2 days service excellence course offered by Training Solutions to any career focused flight attendant. This will become a very good start or self-investment, since the knowledge given for the subjects are very useful for future employment. Mr. Dietmar is a very good psychologist and talks to each flight attendant participant individually in order to provide each of them with all possible information. I would like to advise the upcoming training participants: make sure you have your paper with all the questions ready to ask and be open; prepare yourself – go through all the information provided on Mr. Duller’s website, trainingsolutions.ch and be clear towards your expectations; and finally stay in the same hotel where the training will take place.

Kristina Slauta