Marion Wilms, Corporate Flight Attendant, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, April 2012

When we all came together as an existing crew, Dietmar Duller did not hesitate to adapt all of his knowledge to our individual situation on board. As our current service is already quite superior in itself, he watched us closely and made great suggestions on how to improve even more and “spice things up” here and there. The whole training course was all about communicating with each other, finding out as a team where our weak points are and also thinking outside of the box. It was a wonderful influence that Dietmar Duller has worked with many Russian and European operations and was able to demonstrate us the latest trends there! We all enjoyed benefitting from his vast experience and there was no question that Dietmar wasn’t able to answer. His work attitude is absolutely professional but at the same time you feel very welcomed and at ease. That is exactly what I expect of a training course! In fact, we enjoyed his training so much that we are thinking of joining another one in the future. There are possibilities for additional workshops on food presentations that not only sound tempting but would be a huge plus for our CV’s for the future! I can recommend this training to everyone who wants the best hospitality for their guests on board. I can recommend this training for hard working flight attendants who wish to join the private sector. The certificate awarded at the end of the training is acknowledged by many companies and Dietmar has a growing network of clients. An additional nice touch is that he only works with companies that treat their staff well. For someone who is new in the business that is a huge advantage!

Marion Wilms