Commercial cabin crew from Denmark, March 2021

As I participated in Mr. Duller’s 4-day Online VIP Flight Attendant Training I had very high expectations, and he fulfilled all of them. I never had a trainer with that amount of passion and caring, which is clearly expressed throughout the course. I also had my thoughts about an online, compared to a physical course, but I have to admit, it worked very well. It was very intense and I learned so much during those four days but it was in way, that made the four days fly by. Because it felt like we were not just sitting behind the screen- he kept us very busy, which is good for me as this is the way I learn. The online VIP flight attendant training was very informative, advanced with the latest teaching methods and innovative at the same time. It was super interesting and very useful and I had lot of fun with my fellow students at the same time. I also wanted to thank Dietmar for his ability to connect each of us so deeply. Even though it was online, he made us feel so comfortable with each other and I am sure we are going to keep in contact and share experiences and good advise for a long time. Additionally, I have the exact same feeling with Dietmar. He is not just teaching you, but he also made it clear that he is there to help you after the course. He is not letting you go before your CV is perfect and you are always more than welcome to call him for any advice, help and support. For me that is worth gold.

Mathilde Groenberg Jensen